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Lani’s Birthday Roller Disco Party

Years will pass by and every year we will have few good memories to take in our hearts… Thanks to the best of the people I have in my life, I will carry with me another wonderful memory of my birthday party….. Thank you for being there to celebrate my day.

Blessed to see another year.

With Love,
Lani, Mama Owl.

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Roller Owl x World Champion Club – Disco Gym Studio, Richmond BC Canada

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with our fav GYM and opening Roller Owl new location in Richmond BC, Canada at the World Champion Club from October 2022. 
Group & Private Lessons, Skate Nights, Roller Bday Parties, special GYM discounts & Roller Owl Skates, Wheels and more – all in one place, at World Champion Club!
Address: 12851 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V7A 4E9
More info:

Roller Owl x World Champion Club – New Skate Location in Richmond BC, Canada