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Roller Dance Owl


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Roller Dance Owl focuses on developing a Freestyle skate culture for kids and young adults and supports all ages who dare to learn skating.
@rollerdanceowl (IG) , @rollerdanceowl (TikTok) volunteers at the Central City Fun Park in Surrey, BC.
Languages: English, Русский, עברית 


• Roller/ Inline Skating and Dancing Lessons,
• Workshops,
• Skate Camps,
• Roller Disco Bday parties,
• Certification Program for Instructors.
Summer Skate Camp
Click HERE to register for 3 sessions in July 2023.

 (1) 778.989.8844,
E-MAIL: rollerowl@rollerowl.com
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“My daughter loves Roller Dance Owl . Lani is wonderful teacher. She really focus on each and every student in the class . Amazing , fun environment. My daughter bought pair of roller skates from Roller owls and she loves them . Thanks Lani for amazing job . 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍”

Manj Pati (Vancouver, BC)| Google

“This is the best skate school. My daughter goes to Roller Dance Owl and she says it’s the best and never wants leave.”

Seema Sindhar (Richmond, BC)| Google

“Lani is a wonderful roller/inline skate instructor. My son has been taking weekly group lesson since April 2021. He enjoyed skating every time, and he is excited to share his experiences with his daycare teachers and friends:) Lani’s lessons are very fun and creative, there are dance battles, skate camps and Canada day project !! we truly appreciate that Lani put tons of works and great passion into the class and we highly recommend her class to everyone.”

Mandy Huo (Richmond, BC)| Google

“Lani is an outstanding teacher who never stops learning new moves to share with her students. She travels to international skating events to keep up with the latest moves and share her own innovations.”

Laurel Harrington (Seattle WA)| Facebook

Life is better on roller skates. Let’s enjoy it together.