(Lana Ayelet Shahar)


• Certified Coach
• Professional School teacher, Art Director
• Digital Media Expert, Branding Specialist with Publicity Services for Roller Owl, InvestmentPitch Media, GAP Canada, and others
• Published Author & Illustrator (“Curly Orli Goes To Vancouver BC Canada”)
• The Author of Freestyle Certification Program for Instructors
• Creator of the Roller Dance Owl Youth Association
• Producer & manufacturer of Roller Owl Skates
• Runner-up in Women Slalom Battle, 3rd place in Quad Slalom Battle and 5th in Classic Slalom Battle at the US National Slalom Skating Championship 2015 in Lynnwood WA 
• Proud member of the Skagit Center Artistic Club (2017-2018), Skagit WA
• Diploma in Freestyle Category of Achievement Test #1 administered by the National Office of the RSA Roller Skating Association

Naomi Kulik, Lani’s daugther


• Certified Leader
• Professional Roller Dancer
• Skate Model
• The 1st ever Roller Dance Owl (Mom’s Muse and Co-founder of the Roller Dance Owl Skate School)
• Co-designer of Roller Owl Skates
• Proud member of the Roller Owl Dance Team (2015-2018)
• Diploma in Freestyle Category of Achievement Test #1 administered by the Roller Owl based on the National Office educational program of the RSA Roller Skating Association


• Terrel Ferguson from “Roller Dreams” (on the picture above)

Welcome to Roller Owl, a Skating Company located in Vancouver BC, Canada

“Roller Owl Productions LTD., a Skating & Productions Company in Vancouver BC, Canada is 100% focused on skating and has been professionally teaching the Skating Educational Centre since 2016. In addition to our roller/ inline skate & dance lessons, camps, showcases and Certification program for Instructors, we now design, manufacture and sell quality skates and goods world wide.”
Roller Owl

We sell the finest skating goods

Roller Owl Skates

Helmets (by demand)

Roller Parts

Protective Gear Sets (by demand)

We rent original US roller skates and our own Roller Owl™ skates.

Roller Owl Skates

Original US Roller Skates

Roller Owl focuses on developing a Freestyle skate culture for kids and young adults but supports all ages who dare to learn skating. Roller Owl instructors teach students of all ages and levels:


Rhythmic Skate Dance

Roller Dance


Roller Owl Skating Educational Centre Tickets available in our Online Shop: Click here.

For cooperations, productions and showcases please contact Lani.
Direct: 1.778.989.8844 , email : rollerowl@rollerowl.com

Our Brand Story

Lani (Lana Ayelet Shahar), the Roller Owl founder, started skating at the age of six in Riga, Latvia. The big puddle under the windows of the house where she lived would freeze in winter, and her father taught her how to skate. She loved it, and later she got roller skates for skating in seasons without snow. The roller skates were secured with straps on her shoes. Later, when Lani and her family lived in Israel, she became an inline skater and started partner skating. Dancing on roller skates became an important part of Lani’s life after she moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2008. Here, Lani returned to her favorite roller skating style: quads.

Roller Dance Owl (2016)
Driven by passion for skating with a professional teacher’s experience background Lani founded Roller Dance Owl Skate School in Richmond BC, Canada.  Her skating method incorporates specialized techniques and transitions which allows students to learn skating and dancing using the upper body and following the beat to different genres of music. This method is suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediate, and it can be practiced in small spaces, with later transferring of the acquired skills to any large space.  It was developed as a concept after years of living in Vancouver BC, Canada, the city where there were no roller skating rinks, driving every week across the border to learn and practice different roller skating styles in WA, United State.

Roller Dance Owl Productions LTD. (2019)
The Company has been incorporated by Lani since 2019. Being a mother and having her daughter in Roller Dance Owl skating classes, Lani focused on productions, professional stage performances and shows, supporting children’s fitness. Roller Dance Owls had an amazing time by travelling together and performing roller & fashion shows on the stages of British Columbia Canada and Washington USA.

Roller Dance Owl Productions LTD. (2021)
(www.RollerDanceOwl.com) In 2022 the Corporation transformed into Skating Educational Centre in Sun Wah Centre, Chinatown Vancouver BC, Canada. Lani with her daughter Naomi completed to design their classic line of the Roller Owl™ roller skates.

Roller Owl™ (2022)
In 2022 big dreams came true and the Company started manufacture Lani’s brand Roller Owl skates and wheels. Roller Owl Skate School expanded services and now offers group and private in-person lessons, camps, field trips for schools, hosts Bday parties and Zoom lessons and events as well.

On the picture: Roller Owl Team: Lani with the Certified Leaders (her daughter Naomi, Emi1 & Riri19) showing their own brand Roller Owl Skates in white color.

On the picture: Lani in Roller Owl Skates.

Stage Shows (GAP, Tommy Hilfiger & more watch on YouTube):

Fashion Roller Dance Show

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