Every effort is a gift – without effort we would not grow.

“What are you looking for is not out of there. It is in you.”


“Lani is a wonderful roller/inline skate instructor. My son has been taking weekly group lesson since April 2021. He enjoyed skating every time, and he is excited to share his experiences with his daycare teachers and friends 🙂 Lani’s lessons are very fun and creative, there are dance battles, skate camps and Canada day project !! We truly appreciate that Lani put tons of works and great passion into the class and we highly recommend her class to everyone.” | Google |


“Roller Dance Owl is the best roller school. My daughter been attending it for more than two years. It gives her so much more than practicing the roller dance skills, it gives her confident, teaches team work, positive thinking and so on. Classes are fun and interesting and match different levels of proficiency. In addition Lani, the owner, is a very professional instructor, kind, supportive and creative.” | Google |

S. & V. Dreizin

“Dear Lani,
Thank you so much for all your hard work! You’re a true professional: skillful, creative, supportive, and patient. No wonder that both of our kids love your lessons and can’t wait to see you every week! Roller skating helps them improve their balance, strength and fitness in general, and above all – it’s fun!! THANK YOU!!!” | Facebook |

Anita Truc

“I went to my first fun drop-in class ever that I have ever experienced at and thank you Lani for teaching me things there and supporting me! through in class and hope to see you guys soon again! and keep up the good work!” | Facebook |

Kate Bilkevitch

“Our son has been attending ice skating classes for several months. But he was walking on ice until he started roller skating classes with Lani. Lani’s techniques helped our little guy develop roller skating skills and also to improve his ice skating skills so much that he immediately started to ice skate properly too! Lani is great with kids and a terrific instructor. If you have a chance come try her class – you won’t be disappointed.” | Facebook |

Tina Pedersen

“I went to my first class tonight. It was awesome. I’m a pretty rusty but Lani helped me through all my fear. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for the next class. With Lani’s coaching I’ll be dancing, spinning and crab walking like a pro in no time.” | Facebook |

Nobody can fully understand the meaning of passion unless they’ve owned
a pair of skates”

Lani, mama Owl (Lana Ayelet Shahar)