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Shop Roller Owl Roller Skates at Steve’s Board and Apparel Steveston, Richmond BC Canada

We have owlsome news! Now local skaters can purchase Roller Owl skates at Steve’s Board & Apparel Skate Shop, located in the heart of the Steveston Village, Richmond BC Canada. If you purchase at Steve’s you receive one free skate class for you and your friend. Enjoy the deal: Skates + 1+1! (*Show your receipt). Here skaters can purchase protective gear sets, helmets, bearings and wheels as well. 
Steve’s Board and Apparel Address: 160-12240 Second Avenue, Steveston, Richmond BC.

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Black Friday Online Sale: RollerBones Wheels and Bearings. Save $15!

Black Friday Online SALE: Enjoy $15 OFF discount for purchasing RollerBones Wheels and Bearings online. Enter promo code: 15offowl at checkout. Valid until December 5, 2022.
Click the link, visit our Online Shop.

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Pre-Order Now Roller Owl Skates

Welcome to Roller Owl! Roller Owl is a growing skate company that offers In-person and Online lessons, Triple Skate Certification program for instructors (18+) and leaders (under 18). Now the Company is excited to announce the designing, manufacturing and selling its own Roller Owl Skates and Wheels. Visit our Online shop. Pre-order now! 

Roller Owl first classic exclusive line of roller skates are available in black and white colors with a stunning gold plate & golden finish with the Owl logo and footprint, and Roller Owl mocha coloured wheels. Production will be completed in September 2022. All pre-orders will be shipped to our customers immediately upon arrival to our warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada ETA October/ November 2022. Pre-order now and take advantage to become one of the first owners of these cool, amazing high-standard roller skates for the incredible great price $189.99 (plus applicable taxes).

“Roller Owl skates have been designed from my heart to provide all ages an opportunity to excel as freestyle skaters”
Lani, Mama Owl

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Roller Owl Skates with RollerBones Wheels Upgrade

Roller Dance Owl is excited to announce that we are now a trusted Canadian dealer of RollerBones – the best wheels in US. Check it out: Roller Owl skates with RollerBones Wheels upgrade. Available online soon! Roller Owl Skates are coming soon in white & black colors with gold plate and golden finish.

Pre-order Roller Owl Skates NOW! CLICK HERE.